Manager Forms

Here is a list of forms that are commonly used by managers:

HR Related Forms:

Disciplinary Action Form PDF

Payroll Discrepancy Form: PDF

Payroll Report: Word Document  PDF

Work Camper Employment Application: Word Document PDF

General Employment Application: PDF

Employee Driving Information: PDF

Employee Status Change Form: PDF

Time Off Request Form: PDF

Discharge Notification Form: PDF

Time Punch Correction Form: PDF

Order Forms:

California Supply Order Form: PDF

Colorado Supply Order Form: PDF

Berkley Order: PDF

Diversified Order: PDF

Maurice Order: PDF

Maurice Order Additional: PDF

Sams Club Order: PDF

Unified Grocers: PDF

Unified Hardware: PDF

Wilcor: PDF

Miscellaneous Forms:

Employee Location Log (Personal Mileage): PDF

Employee Location Log (Company Car Mileage Tracking): PDF

Transaction Log:  Word Document  PDF

Check Request: Word Document  PDF

Petty Cash Reimbursement Report: Word Document  PDF

Incident Report: Word Document  PDF

Accident Report: Word Document  PDF

Department of Fish and Game Returned License: PDF

Firewood Log: PDF

Vault Pumping Log: PDF

Safety Topics:

Attendance Sheet to go with Any Safety Meeting (please download this first): PDF

1. Accident Prevention “Accept it, its yours”: Word Document

2. Accident Prevention Pyramid: Word Document

3. Dealing with Workplace Drug Abuse: Word Document

4. First Aid Basics: Word Document

5. Lightning Safety: PDF

6. Lightning Myths and Facts: PDF

7. Eye Protection Safety: Word Document

8. Critical Safety Behaviors: Word Document

9. A Safe Workers Promise: Word Document

10. Driver Safety – Basics of Defensive Driving: Word Document

11. Driver Safety – Driving in Adverse Conditions: Word Document

12. Bee/Yellow Jacket Safety: Word Document

13. Electrical Safety – Extension Cords: PDF

14. Fire Extinguisher Safety: Word Document

15. General Housekeeping – Injury Prevention: PDF

16. Insects to Avoid: Word Document

17. Landscape Equipment Safety – Lawn Mowers: Word Document

18. Lifting in Awkward Places: PDF

19. Hand Protection Training: Word Document

20. Snake Bite Prevention: PDF

21. Removing Ticks: PDF

22. Tick Bite Prevention: PDF

23. Heat Illness Prevention: PDF

24. Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention – Housekeeping and Sill Prevention: Word Document

25. Slip,Trip and Fall Prevention – Safe Behaviors: Word Document

26. Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention – Entry Hazards: Word Document

27. Importance of Hand Washing: Word Document