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Current weather/conditions at Cachuma Lake!

Cachuma Lake is located in the Santa Ynez Valley and is approximately 12 miles east of Solvang, CA and 22 miles northwest of Santa Barbara, CA. Lake Cachuma is a non-body contact reservoir lake with a shoreline stretching 42 miles long where you can fish for Bass, Crappie, Trout and Catfish.cachuma_marina

A bait/tackle shop, along with a gas station is located for your convenience on the marina dock. California Fishing & Hunting licenses are also available for purchase at the marina store.


Main Office (661)257-4050 Bait Shop (661) 775-6232Main Office (661)257-4050 Bait Shop (661) 775-6232
Fishing Information or Boat Rentals (661) 775-6232Fishing Information or Boat Rentals (661) 775-6232

Castaic Lake is located within the Angeles National Forest just 15 minutes north of Six Flags Magic Mountain and 5 minutes from I-5.  Castaic Lake is a holding reservoir for part of the western regions irrigation water supply.  The Castaic Lake Dam is 425 feet high and holds 350,000 acre feet of water at full capacity.  Castaic Lake is surrounded by 8,800 acres of recreational land.  Castaic Lake consists of two bodies of water; the upper or main lake which has approximately 29 miles of shoreline and the lagoon or lower lake has approximately 2 miles of shoreline.

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The Gopher Hole Store is located conveniently just past the entrance kiosk of Rancho Jurupa Park, visitors the chance for a quick stop to grab supplies, or a chat with the friendly staff for fishing conditions and other park news. The Store provides a wide variety of bait and tackle selected specifically for the fish in the lake, along with California state fishing licenses, making it the one-stop shop for fishermen. The Gopher Hole Store also accommodates campers, stocking everything from ice to snacks to propane. Open 7 days a week, the staff is always there to give you a hand; especially when you need extra s’mores supplies! For entertainment, guests can purchase a disc golf for the nearby course, or go mini golfing just outside the store!

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Rancho Jurupa Park is a spacious 200-acre recreation area with plenty of activities to entertain all visitors. Located behind Mt. Rubidoux, along the Santa Ana River, the park offers a beautiful retreat, without a long drive from the city. The park offers two 3-acre lakes for fishing, 140 over-night camping sites for tent & RV campers, disc golf, mini golf, a summer time splash pad, hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and rock climbing.



Lake Hodges is a lake and reservoir located in Southern California, about 31 miles north of San Diego and just south of Escondido, California. When full, the reservoir has 1,234 acres, a maximum water depth of 115 feet and 27 miles of shoreline. Lake Hodges is owned by the city of San Diego, and supplies water to the San Dieguito Water District and Santa Fe Irrigation District.

The recreation area has six barbecues and 12 picnic tables. Self contained gas barbecues are allowed in the picnic area. Ground fires, glass containers and camping are not allowed at the park. There is currently no drinking fountain. Make sure to bring your own water.

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Lake Miramar Kayak


Lake Miramar is a reservoir located in the Scripps Miramar Ranch community of San Diego, California. Owned, operated and maintained by the City of San Diego, the reservoir was completed in 1960 as part of the second San Diego Aqueduct project. Water flowing south to the reservoir originates from both the Colorado River Aqueduct and the California Aqueduct, brought into San Diego by the San Diego County Water Authority.

Lake Miramar is a popular recreation site. Activities include boating, fishing, picnicking, and the use of an over 5-mile-long trail wrapping around the lake. There are 18 barbecues and 48 picnic tables for family outings. Self-contained gas barbecues are allowed in designated areas. Ground fires, glass containers and camping are not allowed at the park.

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While the Lake Murray launch ramp is closed WE ARE OPEN. Fishing and Boat Rentals are still available. 

Lake Murray is a reservoir in San Diego, California, owned by the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department. It is located within Mission Trails Regional Park. At full capacity the depth is 95 ft (29 m). The asphalt-paved service road lining roughly two-thirds of the lake’s perimeter is a popular recreation site for the Navajo community. It lies south of Cowles Mountain and is an important reporting point for aircraft inbound to land at Montgomery Field airport.

Lake Murray is a popular site for hikers, bicyclists and runners who move around the periphery of the lake. Kayaking and fishing are both allowed on the reservoir. Birdwatchers enjoy visiting Lake Murray where ducks, geese and herons abound. At least 149 bird species have been observed and recorded at Lake Murray.

There are 64 picnic tables located around the lake. Patrons can bring their own barbecues for use in designated areas only. Ground fires, glass containers and camping are not allowed at the park.

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Silverwood Lake is located off Highway 138, 11 miles east of the I-15 or 24 miles northeast of San Bernardino from highways 18 and 138.  Silverwood Lake is surrounded by 2,400 acres of ancient Douglas Firs, Black Oak trees and spectacular views of the mountain creeks.  At an altitude of 3,380, Silverwood Lake was formed by the 249-foot Cedar Springs Dam; at 3,350 feet it is the highest reservoir hosted by the State Water Project.  The lake has a surface area of 976 acres and has 13 miles of shoreline.


Lake Skinner Park is located about 90 miles south of Los Angeles ,off the 215 freeway, 12 miles east of Temecula. It is also with in easy reach of the 15 freeway off Rancho California Road. The surface area of the lake is about 1200 acres and about 12 miles of shoreline. A 6,000-acre park surrounds the lake.

See why we love Lake Skinner:

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Lower Otay Lake is an artificial lake in San Diego County, California, flanked by Otay County Open Space Preserve and Chula Vista. The reservoir is formed by impounding the waters of the Otay River, behind Savage Dam, completed in 1918, and is the terminus for the Second San Diego Aqueduct. When full, Lower Otay Reservoir has 1,100 surface acres, a maximum water depth of 137.5 feet, and 25 shoreline miles. Lower Otay Reservoir is owned by the City of San Diego and is the home of the United States Olympic Training center for rowing sports.

Lower Otay’s picnic area has 13 barbecues and 16 picnic tables. Visitors can bring self contained gas barbecues for use in designated areas only. Ground fires, glass containers and camping are not allowed at the park.

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Built in 1972, Pyramid Lake was created as a holding reservoir for the California State Water Project. This 180,000 acre reservoir is placed between the Angeles National Forest and the Los Padres National Forest, at the Northwest portion of Los Angeles County. The reservoir is west of Interstate 5, south of Tejon Pass; accessed from exit 195 off of the I-5 (Smoky Bear Road), turn left on Pyramid Lake Road.

Named after the Pyramid-shaped rock carved while building Route 99, Pyramid Lake offers a variety of activities including boating, fishing, camping, swimming, jet skiing, and hiking. The reservoir provides ample room for picnicking including 3 unique day use areas that are accessible by boat only!



To operate a PRIVATE boat/ vessel on Pyramid Lake, you need a California Boater’s Safety Card. Renters of watercraft do not apply to this.

For more information, please visit


Please See the links Below about Boater Safety Courses

Public Education Course Flyer Boat America



San Vicente is a deep, steep-sided impounding reservoir on San Vicente Creek, approximately 25 miles northeast of San Diego. It currently has a depth of 306.00 feet when full. Water levels are monitored weekly.

The San Diego County Water Authority oversaw the construction of the San Vicente Dam Raise Project, which began in early 2009. The San Vicente Dam Raise Project is part of the Water Authority’s more than $1 billion Emergency Storage Project, which is creating new emergency water storage and pipeline connections to deliver water throughout the region if our imported water supply is disrupted. Now complete, the reservoir is able to store an additional 152,000 acre-feet of water supply.

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Current weather/conditions at Santa Margarita! Current weather/conditions at Santa Margarita!

Created by the construction of the Salinas Dam in 1941, Santa Margarita Lake was originally designed to furnish water to Camp San Luis Obispo. Today, swimming in the lake is not permitted as it is the drinking water reservoir for the City of San Luis Obispo.

Beyond the developed area of the park, Santa Margarita Lake natural area represents several thousand acres of designated open space. This section of the park is managed for its natural resource values, passive recreational use, and environmental education opportunities. The area is accessible to hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. Motor vehicles are not permitted in the natural area. With thousands of acres of unspoiled open space, the park is home to countless species of plants and wildlife making it the perfect location for nature study, boating, and fishing.


Upper Otay Lake was established in 1959 and is the smallest of San Diego’s reservoirs with only 20 surface acres when full. The reservoir is an active hatchery and breeding ground for the Florida-strain largemouth bass. It is one of two reservoirs in San Diego County that has a catch-and-release only fishing program.

Upper Otay does not have any barbecues or picnic tables. Visitors can bring self contained gas barbecues for use in designated areas only. Ground fires, glass containers and camping are not allowed at the park.

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